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Bringing a 21st century kitchen into a house from the 1800’s

The task of modernizing, while honoring the history of an antique house, is never the same job twice for a designer or the contractor. A request to update and renovate the kitchen in an old house in Sheffield came with … Continue reading

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One Useless Room Solves Three Problems

Furniture isn’t the only thing you can rearrange inside your home. If the configuration of rooms doesn’t serve your needs, things can be changed. Most frequently, I am asked to open a kitchen to make a larger room for cooking, … Continue reading

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Color Combinations

What colors work together? This is an ongoing question. Color choice is the focus of most of the calls I receive. We live in a colorful world and while we develop preferences, when faced with the cost and effort of … Continue reading

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About Erica

Erica Fay brings together the threads of her studies and experiences to assist others in creating the physical environments that best support their lives and their work. Her decades of interior and renovation design are enhanced by lengthy practices in … Continue reading

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